Стоимость спектакля:

17000 руб - Москва, 18000 руб за МКАД (до 20 км)

Вид кукол - планшетные  Продолжительность спектакля 30 - 35 мин.
В спектакле используется световое оборудование Спектакль для детей от 4 до 10 лет

This is incredibly lyric and enlightening story about a little duck – Grey Neck. Her wing was broken, so she couldn’t fly to the warm country with her parents. She stays alone on the frozen pond. During this hard winter she meet a cowardly hare, violent fox and old hunter. In this fairytale we will see real friendship, hope, fear and sacrifice. This is the story about perpetual conflict between love and common sense, where characters have to make hard choises. But it is also a kind story with a happy-end.

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Only covered place with flat floor (not street!) For the show we need place 3*3 m, power outlettes. Time for making/unmaking –

60 minutes.

Authors: Irina Medvedeva and Tatiana Shishova (inspired by a story of D.N.


Artist: Irina Zhitkova

Music: Irina Tulyakova (Shraiber)

Director and actress: Olga Korobova

Show for children from 3 to 10 years

Length of the show is 30-35 minutes